Live in Hyperboria!

If you’re part of Hyperboria already, you can access this site by going to

This has been a multi-day process.

There was a project several years ago that I was a small part of called darknet.  The idea behind project Darknet was (and is) for everyone to be able to network their computers together using a software/routing protocol called cjdns.    Cjdns utilizes point to point ipv6 encrypted tunnels to build a sprawling mesh network with no single point of failure.

Currently, as the project is so spread out, what cjdns is basically being used for on long links is an IPv6 VPN point to point tunnels.  You peer with either public peers, or if you have some friends that are interested, you can peer directly with them.   The software only runs on linux currently, however with the help of some VM software, I was able to turn up a ubuntu server machine, install cjdns, and also radvd, which turned my cjdns installation into a NAT router.

What has been created out of all of this currently is a community called Hyperboria.

My main use for Hyperboria currently, is to learn about IPv6, how it routes, and especially how it works on a system like mine where my network is dual-stacked IPv4 (regular internet) and IPv6 (Hyperboria).   So far, everything has seemed fairly straightforward, so today, I decided to build an AAAA record for this website, and from what I can tell so far… everything appears to be active and live, however I’m not able to truly verify and stress test this at just this second.   The only thing I was able to do was to ping the site from a windows machine in my network, and it did seem to go through the cjdns network.

For those that are knowledgeable about hyperboria, and the darknet, this probably doesn’t mean a whole lot;  but for me, I’m excited!   This is the first real IPv6 project I’ve ever done other than just getting myself on the network, I believe this counts as an actual contribution, and not just me being a user anymore.

I hope if everything goes well with this, that I’m able to provide other services in Hyperboria as well, perhaps a VoIP service that would allow people to voice chat?  Who knows?!   What I do know is that I’m very happy with what I’ve learned about IPv6 thus far, and I have every intention to keep learning, as well as contributing to our own “secret” network.