Vinny’s Baptism

I have just returned from St. Louis, where I was lucky enough to be named the Godfather for my first, and thus far only nephew.   The trip is about 6 hours each way, and although I was there for less than 24 hours, it was worth the Trip.

I packed my Sunday best and headed towards St. Louis on Saturday at about 10:30 AM.   The trip was uneventful, but the entire time, it loomed in my mind, that not only was I going to be a Godfather to my first, and to this point, only nephew.   I was also meeting him for the first time.    I had only seen pictures to this point.

We arrived at my brother Kyle, and his wife Alexis’s house around 7:15pm after getting caught up watching Lord of the Rings in my parents hotel room for the better part of an hour.   After arriving, I finally met Vincent.  He’s a beautiful child.  Doesn’t fuss much, and the curiosity in his eyes about everything he can see is extremely apparent.

After meeting Vinny, we head off to dinner, a place called Trainwreck Saloon.

20151024_184820 (Small)

Apologies for picture quality.


The food here was very good, and if anyone is in the St. Louis area, I recommend checking it out.  The dry rub wings for an appetizer are incredible.   After leaving, mom and dad went to their hotel, and I went home with Kyle, where I was staying for the night.


We left for the church at about 8:20 for the service.  By 9:45, Vinny was baptized, and I was officially a Godfather.
20151025_082950 (Small)

I clean up well.

20151025_103845 (Small)

Post service pictures with Alexis’s family.


After the service, we all headed to a place called YaYa’s Eurobistro for brunch.   This place’s bunch buffet was impressive.  Eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, peel and eat shrimp, muffins, calamari, smoked salmon, smoked trout, grilled chicken, prime rib, mimosas, and bloody marys.   That’s just a piece of all that was available on this buffet.   Everything was simply amazing, and I think if I would have been able to, I would have stayed there until they closed.

After this, we all said our Goodbyes, and headed back to our little corner of the state of Missouri. The last time I saw Vinny before leaving,  this is what he looked like.

20151025_110820 (Small)