Snake Saturday – Kansas City

I left Rock Port around 6PM, and headed to Kansas City for an exciting,  fun-filled, and drunk weekend.  I went to the parade, and then consumed large quantities of alcohol.

I got checked into the Super 8 on NW Barry RD.  There’s nothing really special about this place.  The room was pretty small, as was the bathroom, however, I had no intention of spending any more time than I had to sleeping here, because of that, it was perfect for my needs.  I dropped my stuff in my room, and left almost immediately.

About 8:30 and per the recommendation of a friend in the area, I headed to the No. 9 Saloon.  The bar wasn’t anything too fancy, not that I would expect for a city, however it was pretty large, the staff was quick, and friendly.  It was somewhat busy, I would guess there is something like 55 TVs all the way around the bar, all of them had basketball games on (as we’re getting into March Madness).  There was a band there playing bluegrass, with a rock infusion to it.  Although it’s not something that I’d just sit and listen to, it was great for the background music, and they were pretty good!

I had a few beers at the No. 9, and then called it a night.  The real festivities were set for the next day, and I didn’t want to over-sleep and miss any of it.

I woke up Saturday morning around 8AM, and got ready for what I was told, could possibly be the drunkest day I’ve ever had.   Clad in my green shirt, I went and met up with my buddies, and we headed downtown.  It was drizzling and raining a bit, which made things easier on us from what I was told.  We were able to find a parking spot easily for $5, that was only about a 10 minute walk from the place we were going to watch the parade from.

We got to the lot and we were instantly greeted with the smell of food.  Good food.  Fully loaded breakfast burritos, with sausage, egg, potatoes… they were just amazing.  On top of that, during the parade, some of the most amazing BBQ I have ever had the pleasure of eating came out of the smoker.  I couldn’t stop eating it.

I started in with my first beer around 9:30 AM, and we all just chatted and I met a bunch of new people until the parade started.

20160312_103133 (Medium)
ome of these pretzels had some real bite! Smoked and Peppered.

2 beers and a bloody Mary before 10:30 AM,  I think (and was told) I’m doing it right.

The parade began at 11, and it was quite the ordeal!  I’m generally not a parade person, I haven’t been since I was young.  Perhaps it’s because I haven’t really ever been to real parades.  The Snake Saturday parade was pretty great.

After the parade, we mingled a little more with the people on the lot with us, and then we headed down the street to Neon Wild.  We didn’t actually go to the club though, they had an enormous tent set up in the parking lot adjacent to their building, with 2 live bands set to do back to back gigs.   We spent most of the rest of the day here, and it was a good time.   No cover charge, but they made up for that with $5 beers.  The mark up on beer didn’t bother me, as it’s just smart business.  I would do the same thing when there’s an event like this.

20160312_131934 (Medium)
The first band.

Unfortunately… after drinking several beers over the course of 3-4 hours, I completely forgot to take anymore pictures.  I became engrossed in just enjoying the moment and completely forgot that I was going to be doing a blog post on the trip.

After leaving Neon Wild, we went back to Rex’s place, where we all crashed for a few hours, and woke up to Rex grilling steaks, shrimp, and pork chops.  We ate, and took home a couple of people.  (Dan partied WAY too hard way too early, and couldn’t hang anymore.)

After taking Dan back, we went out to a little bar called Dirk’s Sport’s Bar & Grill.   Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed here.  They had a band that night, they weren’t bad, but I wouldn’t have called them good either, adequate comes to mind.   The bar itself didn’t impress me either.  Sure, they had my Coors’ light, but they didn’t have much as far as a liquor selection, and couldn’t even make a Whiskey Sour.  On top of all of this, they had a waitress working, that was nice,  but, she explained that it was her second day, and it was obvious from what we could see, she was overwhelmed.

From Dirk’s, we walked down to Authur’s Lounge.   The door man checked our IDs as we came in, and within a couple of minutes, we had drinks and found our seat near the stage.   I didn’t realize this at the time, but this was a straight up Karaoke bar, and a damn good one too.   I don’t recall anyone getting on stage at any point that I just wished they didn’t.  So good on the people of KC that have talent and know it.

The bartender was professional, quick, and personable.  Our first round included Coors Light, and an Apple-tini.  He said quickly, that he could make the Applet-ini, but he didn’t have martini glasses.   If only he knew where I came from… we don’t care what the drink comes in, but none-the-less, I’m sure that’s something that a lesser bartender wouldn’t have even given a thought to telling the customer.

The atmosphere was actually pretty great.  The music wasn’t too loud, even though we were next to the stage.  The staff was great. The floor layout is good, and I think even Jon Taffer would be happy with how this bar was run.  Even as things got busier as the night went on, service times stayed low. It was my favorite stop on the night.

We called it a night around midnight and I headed back to my hotel, which at this point was conveniently about a 5 minute walk.   I crashed hard, and woke up about 20 minutes before checkout time, took a quick shower, threw everything back in my bag, and headed back to Rock Port.

Great trip, and I suggest everyone in the area at least go check it out at some time in their lives.  Lots of great things going on during Snake Saturday in KC!

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