America in Distress : Post-Election 2016

Before you go up in arms about the title, and the featured image… Chill out a bit, and read a few lines.  This post is probably not going to go the way that you think it is.

The tone of this entire post election cycle was “America is divided, we need to come together.”    I can assure you, with the way things are going, this can not happen.   It has nothing to do with Trump being President-elect of the United States, because I feel it would be the exact same if that said President-elect Clinton.

Each voter in this country is given the opportunity to vote for the people that they feel will steer the country in the best direction, or absolutely no one at all.  They should also be afforded the right to not be ostracized for their political affiliation.   The person voting the other side of the ticket as you is doing the same thing that you are.  They’re voting for the person that they feel represents their interests the most.

It’s no secret that I’m a fairly socially liberal person.  However I consider myself a moderate.  There have been things that Bush did that I liked, and disliked.  There have been things that Obama did that I liked, and disliked.  There will be things that Trump will do that I will like, and dislike.    No president we’ve ever elected has been perfect, no president we ever elect will be perfect.

Our country is in distress because of our citizen’s, not Washington’s denizens.  We keep putting polar opposites on ballots people that only represent the extreme left or the extreme right, there’s no one anymore that can get on a ballot that does their best to represent everyone, as was proven by the most recent one.   We only have  a few people that are willing to make concessions to one way or the other.  We’ve become a nation of people voting against the other side, instead of voting for what we truly believe in.   I don’t know that I can say that there was a single person on the ballot at the national level that could steer this country the way that I feel would be best.

I absolutely see the hate in Trumps words that the liberals all said was there, and I see all of Hillary’s failures that the conservatives said were there.  The entire election was a complete bust, and by the time November 8th got here, there was nothing that anyone could do about it; we had two candidates that can’t bring the country together due to the simple fact that they’re too far one direction or the other.   This has been getting worse every election cycle since I was a child, and hopefully we can see this before the next election cycle hits, because without someone that can say no to their own party, and yes to the other party, someone that can cross that political line and find the common ground that has to exist for a united United States, the unrest is going to get worse.

I’m not going to lie, I feel a bit fearful for our country, with as polarized as the parties are, and one party controlling the White House, the House, and the Senate, I’m concerned that entire agenda’s can be passed, regardless if they’re good or bad for the country, but only if they’re good for the party.  This is terrible for our country, regardless of which party is given this power.

I honestly feel that we need a hyper moderate democrat, republican, or independent to stop this death spiral we seem to have gotten ourselves into.   We’re pitting extreme against extreme;  when you fight fire with fire like this, you just end up with a bigger fire, and eventually we’re going to end up burning the whole place down.