Portland, OR … 2015

My weekend in Portland started off a bit bumpy. My father and I had to rush to get our bags checked in time for the flight. Once we had our bags checked, we headed towards the gate.

Everything was going very smoothly. We borded the plane and sat there. After being there for several minutes, the pilot came on the intercom and told everyone that “there is a light on, and we can’t take off with it.” To me, this meant that they should unhook the light. Apparently though, things were more serious than that and we had to de-board the plane.

Dad and I remained in good humor, as we tend to do in these situations. We boarded a new plane headed towards Midway with a different connecting flight to get to Portland.  We reached Midway without really any time to spare, as we were sitting at the jetway to get off of the plane we came on, the plane we were supposed to be getting on was boarding.    Luckily, the gates weren’t far apart, and we made it with a few minutes to spare.


20151106_123236 (Medium)
Welcome to Albequerque NM!


The plane leaving Midway took us to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Nice little airport, but not much there.  Was able to grab some food, during the hour wait to our next destination… Portland!

We landed in Portland and called Dalton to let him know we’d arrived, and we went to to pick up our luggage.  Neither of us were too optimistic about our bags being there, as our “layover” in Chicago was all of about 3 minutes.   We waited for our bags… the bags that never came.    We headed over to the Southwest Airlines lost baggage office.   The guy was very nice, especially after having to deal with the rude person in front of us.  You would have thought that this guy was responsible for losing her bag.    We gave them all of the information that they requested, and then headed out to drop dad off at his hotel, and head to Dalton’s apartment.

It had been a long day for Dad and I.  Dalton called an Uber to take us back to Dad’s hotel and we started walking the city.  Dalton already had our first dining establishment picked.  We walked down to Killer Burger.    This place was great.  There was a bar and a whole list of craft brews to choose from.  I couldn’t tell you what I had to drink, because I had Dalton pick it out for me.  I can tell you that I had an incredible burger, and our waiter was a really cool dude.

20151106_183324 (Medium)
Family Drinks

20151106_183319 (Medium)
Home of the Killer Burger


After leaving Killer burger… all full as ticks, we decided that we were going to do a pub crawl.  We crossed the Willamente River and headed over to Romtoms.  I must say, atmosphere wise, this place hit the nail on the head.   The outdoor patio was incredible.  It included a full bar, ping pong table, a fire place, as well as a place out from under the roof that is surrounded in bamboo plants.  It wasn’t overly crowded, nor loud.  We had a few drinks here and met up with Dalton’s friend Peter.  Dalton, Dad, and I had a few drinks, and then we headed back across the river.

Our next stop was Silver Dollar II.  This was not a planned stop, but I really had to use the restroom and so it became a stop.   Dalton was telling me that this was a popular hangout for hockey fans.  The place seemed to be really well kept, and very well lit as well.  The bar was nice as well.   I forgot to take pictures here, because we started some very deep discussion on life (we were all getting fairly drunk by this point).

We finished our pub crawl at Kelly’s Olympian.  This was the place that Dalton choose to end our night.  This place was great!  Lots of retro neon signs, signs from old gas stations, motorcycle dealerships, and car dealerships.   Other than the lights from behind the bar, I believe that the entire place was lit up with only the neon signs.   There was a group of younger adults that sat at the table next to us.  At one point in the night, they were trying to teach one of the girls how to pack a can of chew.   Being a tobacco chewer, I was able to lend my assistance.    By this point in the night, I was fairly intoxicated, so I dropped from the craft brews and went straight for the Blue Moon.  We had our last drink of the night, and then started back for Dad’s hotel.   We said our Goodnights, and picked up our bags (Southwest found them and delivered them to the hotel).  Dalton and I Uber’d back to his place.

20151106_225951 (Medium)
Lit by the neon glow at Kelly’s Olympia

Day 2 – Portland to Eugene

When we woke up, first thing was first.  Breakfast.  We took a walk in the light rain to this little french place. The food was amazing here. I wish I could remember what it was called, but I can not find them anywhere on the internet.    After breakfast, we headed south.  Onward to Eugene!

We arrived early enough to Eugene that we were able to get a few beers at Rennie’s Landing.   Nice little place.  Nothing really fancy, just a standard college town bar.   We headed out and walked to Elk Horn Brewery.  This place was pretty impressive to this guy from small town Missouri.

The food was great!  We got a taster for our beers.  Comes as a set of 5 x 6oz glasses in this little wooden tray.   We sat there for a bit, and watched part of Nebraska stunning defeat of Michigan State.  We then Headed to Autzen Stadium.

20151107_175146 (Medium)

20151107_180632 (Medium)

The Ducks were playing Cal State.  The game had everything that a Ducks game has ever promised.  High scoring, high paced, and A LOT of yards.  Oregon actually set a school record of 777 total yards offense as they rolled over Cal.  Something that I didn’t know Oregon did, is allow fans on the field after the game.   I’ve only been on a collegiate field once in my life in high school when I was training on Faurot Field at the University of Missouri.

Day 3 – Waterfalls and Plane Rides

We only had about half of the day to spend on Day 3.  Dalton decided we should go to Multnomah Falls.  Not only were the waterfalls beautiful, but so was the drive there.

20151108_125650 (Medium) 20151108_125722 (Medium) 20151108_125907 (Medium) 20151108_125516 (Medium)

Dalton and I decided that we’d hike to the top of the falls, it’s about .8 miles, and it’s at a devastating grade, if you’re a 280 pound 6’4″ guy.
20151108_132127 (Medium)

It was completely worth the work to get to the top though.  As you’re greeted by the stream that feeds the falls, as well as a view over the top.

20151108_133641 (Medium)
20151108_134323 (Medium)

We climbed back down the trail, and then Dalton took Dad and I to the airport to return back to Missouri.  I feel like we could have stayed for another Month and never run out of things to do, or eat.  All in all, an amazing trip, and I’d love to do it again.

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