Solar Panel Surgery

So.   I have a small off-grid (for power) garden shed at a property about 600 feet from my house.  I decided a couple of years ago to cut the utility power to it and make a full solar setup.   I started with a pair of Kyocera KC120-1 panels, and then the following year, doubled it to 4 panels.    At the end of last summer, I realized that my output was half of what it was after I added the second set of panels, and didn’t worry about it.   Today it was 72 degrees out, and I decided to investigate.

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My next project, the PiPAD

I have decided that my next project will be a tablet computer that is based off of a Raspberry Pi2.   I was looking at using a Raspberry Pi Zero, however I’m thinking that the 512MB of RAM vs the 1GB would be a big hit to the performance for what I’m trying to do..

Hell, who knows… I might scrap the idea and build one based on the Orange Pi 2!

No No, Ben Carson

So, I know that we’ve all gotten those campaign calls for raising money or supporting a politician.   Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of calls coming into my phone system from 855-696-2074.  A quick google search shows that this is a Ben Carson fund raising phone number… with actual people on the other end!

Of course…  I have to have fun with this.

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