No No, Ben Carson

So, I know that we’ve all gotten those campaign calls for raising money or supporting a politician.   Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of calls coming into my phone system from 855-696-2074.  A quick google search shows that this is a Ben Carson fund raising phone number… with actual people on the other end!

Of course…  I have to have fun with this.

I have an IP PBX in my house, essentially, a business phone system, which allows me to do a lot of cool things with how calls are routed and what happens when you call dependent on what number you call, or in this case, on what number you call FROM.

I logged into my phone system, armed with the incoming caller ID and an idea with what I wanted to do.    I purchased a copy of “Give Bernie Sanders Your Vote” by WindbornMusic (Youtube).    I proceeded to transcode the audio into something my phone system can digest, and upload it to the system.

I created an inbound rule capturing the inbound caller ID, and produced a route that sends the caller to the song playing in an endless loop, with no escape other than hanging up the phone.   Also, for a bit of fun, I’ve set the phone system to record all calls that hit that route.     Can’t wait to see what I get out of the Ben Carson camp!