New Update

Just basically checking in.

Life has been fairly hectic for the last month or so.   I haven’t been able to work on any of my projects at all.

I did build a 10Gbps ptp connection between my desktop and my file server that I’ll be doing a write up on sometime in the near future.

The PiPad is on hold.  I backed a kickstarter project for the Pine64, a Raspberry pi clone that is utilizing a 64 bit processor instead of an ARM.  It should give me more flexability for the PiPad project and turn it into a PinePad.

My brother Dalton (see this post), is in the process of being promoted at Enterprise to their corperate accounting, and will more than likely be moving to St. Louis.   I find it fairly bittersweet, he’ll be closer, but I know how much he likes Portland, and the entire state of Oregon.  I’m sure that him and I will plan many more trips out that way in the future.  On top of being closer, he’ll also be within a half hour of my other brother, Kyle. (See this post)

Hopefully soon I’ll start doing some fun things that I can post about, but for the near near future, keep a look out for my 10Gb/s network write up and other things I have in the pipe!