Trump’s America : 1 year in review

Nearly a year ago, I called for the panic of Donald Trump being elected to subside and give him a chance to fill his cabinet with knowledgeable people that he could call on.  I thought that if he didn’t directly run the country, we would be fine.

Boy was I wrong.

1 year in, here’s what we’ve seen.   Trump keeps saying he’s going to build a wall that Mexico was going to pay for, now we’re going to pay for it and Mexico will pay us back.   Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox has sent this message, and several other similar messages to Trump.


Trump has tried to ban the Trans community from serving in the military,  a group of people, that per capita, serves in greater numbers than any other group of people.    Trump’s ban was then blown up, crashed, and burnt when his power was checked.

Next, Trump decided to attempt to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement.   At this rate, the United States will be the ONLY country in the world to not be involved in the Paris Climate Accord.

Let’s also not forget Trump’s “Not a Muslim-Ban, Muslim-ban.”  Again, the Judicial branch of the United States slapped Trump right in the mouth, not once, but twice.

Trump has introduced his Tax plan… which he wanted to call “Cut, Cut, Cut” (innovative).   This tax plan, according to the CBO, will, for lack of any better term, completely fuck the middle and lower class.  It’s not all bad though!  If you have a private jet, you’re getting tax cuts.  If you’re a business that wants to move workers overseas, you’re going to get tax cuts.  If you’re about to die, and have millions in assets to pass down to your kin, they’re going to get tax cuts.   If you make less than $50,000 a year, it’s not all bad, you get to pay for all of those people to get their tax cuts.

Oh, and it’ll add up to 2.2 trillion to the deficit by 2027… no big deal, I guess, coming from the “financially responsible” party.

In the last year,  Trump has also established his enormous obsession with (and possible crush on) former Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton.  :

Not only has Trump not accomplished ANYTHING he’s set out to do or promised at this point in his Presidency, and I personally couldn’t be happier about.    He also keeps breaking records for being unpopular, even in his precious Fox polls.

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