How Fitbit has changed my life.

About 3 months ago, I started looking for a fitness tracker.  I knew there were 3 things I wanted.  I wanted it to be a fitness tracker first, and have some abilities of a smart watch as well.  I also didn’t want to spend my paycheck to get one.   And so I finally, after months of deliberation, settled on a Fitbit Blaze.

We had a weight loss competition at work.  Initially I wasn’t going to take part in it, not because I didn’t want to lose weight, but because I had gotten so large, that 1… I didn’t want to step on a scale, especially one that is going to be read by a co-worker, and 2… I didn’t think I had the motivation to really try and lose weight, as I had done in the past.    I was actually entered without knowing it by the person running it.   She has seen me lose weight before, and with another co-worker getting a prescription filled for phentermine, I had my motivation.   I couldn’t let the person on a prescription weight loss pill win this competition.   So the first weigh in hit… clothed (t-shirt, socks, and jeans) I weighed a bloated 295.8lbs.   by far the highest number I’ve ever seen on a scale I was standing on.   It was a bit discouraging, but not completely out of line from where I honestly thought I was, especially after seeing the pictures of myself from my trip to Oregon.

The competition ended, and I had dropped 39 pounds, on literally diet alone.  Truth be told, about 8 of those pounds were straight water weight, (I was in it to win it, and I used to be a wrestler…) which I gained back within 2 days of the end of the competition.  People would ask me what I was doing, my response was “I go home and take a nap everyday.”  I was feeling much better about myself, and just all around better.  For most people, this would have been enough, and they would have stopped.  I wanted to continue.  I want to double my weight loss.   I knew diet alone wasn’t going to do it for my anymore, my resting metabolic rate had dropped enough that I was maintaining weight.   I knew I was going to have to start doing something for exercise.

CUE FITBIT.     I had already decided that I wanted a Blaze, so I rewarded my current weight loss with the purchase of one, and it’s been a godsend ever since.   As much as I don’t want to be this way… I require external motivation for working out.  Fitbit gives me that within myself.   There is a step goal that starts you out at 10k steps, for me, that wasn’t ever my initial goal… it was the calories burned in a day.  I set up all my stuff, and started using the Blaze the day I got it.   I was actually starting a training in Kansas City that week, and for the first time, I decided that I would walk almost everywhere I went.  I walked to lunch, walked to dinner, walked around during breaks in class.   I learned what it took in a day to hit the various goals that were set for me.   I would use the treadmill in the gym in my hotel of an evening even, and I’m someone that’s always hated treadmills.   It was such a fun thing to see what my heart-rate was doing, and what subtle changes in the incline or speed did to me.

About 2 weeks in to owning the fitbit, I learned that it’s so much more than just the device and the app.  I started acquiring friends, both from work, and from online communities such as r/fitbit.  I’ve been invited to challenges (won all of them so far).  I’ve also learned about Fitbit‘s dashboard.  Which is a really pretty layout of all of your information.  For me, I’m using everything… sleep tracking, steps, calories in and calories out.

So far, I’m down to a legitimate 250lbs, fully hydrated.  Still a little over 25 pounds from my total goal, and that includes some weekends of “falling off the wagon,” so to speak.  But even on those weekends, fitbit is right there to tell me how bad I screwed up.

All in all, if you, or someone you know is on the fence about getting a fitness tracker, I’m all for them… It fuels my motivation to better myself while going against myself the entire time.  I can stay self motivated because of it, or have additional motivation through challenges, or trying to keep up with one of my friends.   It’s been a sound purchase thus far, and it’s been worth every penny.