Drunk Bowling Night

So… I’m drunk,   my spelling and grammar will probably tip you all off to that.

I’m part of a bowling league, we bowl on Thursdays.   Tonight being Thursday, I proceed to get drunk off of my ass… and of course, what do I do?   Blog post… obviously.


This week has been complete shit… between me taking way more time to move circuits from my previous post, and being completely overloaded at work… I finally get tonight to spend some time with my friends (co-workers) and get obliteratedly drunk… which I took complete advantage of.

I bowled ok.  Not great, not terrible, I think overall on the night I won against my opponent.  I am NOT looking forward to waking up and going to work in the morning though.  My bar tab was $60… granted, that was including 10 for the jukebox, and my food, but overall…. it’s by far the highest tab I’ve ever had… add in a tip, and I was at $70.

I got to talk some serious work talk with Tony, one of my only co-workers that actually gets me and will actually listen to me about things that involve networking.

For now though, I need to go take a shower and get to bed… I have more to write, but it’s all scrambled inside of my head right now and none of it would make any sense.