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Solar Panel Surgery : Part Deux incoming

About a week ago, I moved my solar panels at my garden shed to get a bit better sun coverage… thinking that a primary line casting a shadow across 2 of the panels was causing my wattage output to plummit….   I was wrong; after some investigation, it’s going to be time to perform some more solar panel surgery.   Same panel, same joint, just on the other side.   Hopefully this is the last surgery that I’ll have to perform on this array.

While testing and moving the panels, I also found that I had a bad battery in my battery bank, so I’ll also need to start looking for a replacement set of batteries.   I’m going back and forth on this, as I’m not entirely sure how I want to approach my next battery bank.

Check back for the surgery update!

Solar Panel Surgery

So.   I have a small off-grid (for power) garden shed at a property about 600 feet from my house.  I decided a couple of years ago to cut the utility power to it and make a full solar setup.   I started with a pair of Kyocera KC120-1 panels, and then the following year, doubled it to 4 panels.    At the end of last summer, I realized that my output was half of what it was after I added the second set of panels, and didn’t worry about it.   Today it was 72 degrees out, and I decided to investigate.

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My next project, the PiPAD

I have decided that my next project will be a tablet computer that is based off of a Raspberry Pi2.   I was looking at using a Raspberry Pi Zero, however I’m thinking that the 512MB of RAM vs the 1GB would be a big hit to the performance for what I’m trying to do..

Hell, who knows… I might scrap the idea and build one based on the Orange Pi 2!

No No, Ben Carson

So, I know that we’ve all gotten those campaign calls for raising money or supporting a politician.   Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of calls coming into my phone system from 855-696-2074.  A quick google search shows that this is a Ben Carson fund raising phone number… with actual people on the other end!

Of course…  I have to have fun with this.

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